Kings of War: Clash of the Phoenix Kings

Kings of War

Kings of War Tournament Players Package

2000 point armies (open lists)
Kings of War Second Edition rules, Clash Comp in effect
4 Rounds, 1 hour 45 mins per round
October 15th, 2016
Phoenix Games and Hobbies, Kitchener, Ontario
22 spaces available
Entry fee: $20

9:30-10:00 Registration
10:00-11:45 Round 1: Control
12:00-1:45 Round 2: Pillage
1:45-2:30 Lunch
2:30-4:15 Round 3: Kill
4:30-6:15 Round 4: Push
6:30-7:00 Awards
7:00-Late Optional Dinner

Best Overall
Best Sportsman
Best Appearance
Best General (minimum of 14 participants required for this award)

What do I need to bring?
Your army, up to 2000 points chosen according to the Kings of War Second edition rulebook and additional Clash of Kings restrictions (see comp section below)

At least three copies of your army list is recommended

All dice, tape-measures, rule-books, damage markers, pencils and other gaming accessories you will need. Please bring dice that are clear to read for both you and your opponents. You must be willing to let your opponent use your dice if they so wish

Units must be mounted on appropriately sized multibases or movement trays – if you insist on individually moving all the models in a Zombie Legion, you’ll soon run out of time!

Having a large tray to carry your army between games is a great way of keeping the tournament moving smoothly and in a timely fashion. An army display board may earn you additional painting points

Unit footprints must conform to the appropriate size

Glue is recommended in case something breaks during the day

Non-perishable food donations

What armies can I choose from?
You may use any army list found in the Kings of War rulebook, the Uncharted Empires book or the Twilight Kin temporary army list available on the Mantic website. Fan made lists are not permitted.

For more information including the full players package please visit the Kings of War Ontario Facebook Group: