Tu Do Chaos MTG Draftacular Christmas Explosion

What up MTG Kitchener!  This is your boy Tu Do lol.  This year me and Bill from Phoenix Games are hosting a Chaos daft on Dec. 23.  Its going to be nothing “Tu” crazy.  All you need to do is buy 3 packs from Bill and then daft them.  There’s going to be door prizes and a draw for a masterpiece.  Any question message Bill lol.  Now for the good stuff…

Dec.23 at 11:00am

2nd: Ftv transform
5th: one of each kaladesh fast land + a pack of something lol

I want to say thanks to everyone that has ever came to my tournaments and I am sad to say this is my last one for awhile.  The ones that have supported me over the years thank you and I also want to say thanks to all my friends expect Khan.  I love you all and Merry Chirstmas

P.S. –  Go Lebron lolololol

Warhammer 40k Tournament Aug 26th

Jean Luc Picard 40k

When:  Saturday August 26th

Start:  10am

Rounds:  3 – 2 hour rounds

Entry:  $15 with an optional $5 pizza lunch

Size:  2000 points

WYSIWYG will be in effect

You can bring unpainted models to this event but you will be disqualified from any awards and/or prizes

X-Wing Store Championship


Entry Fee: $20.00

Start time: 11:00am start – Doors open at 10:00am

Format: 100pts, 75mins/round, 3-4 Swiss Rounds (based on attendance)


Top 32: Alternate-Art ‘Engine Upgrade’ Card
Top 8: Range Ruler (Range 3)
Top 4: Two Range Rulers (Range 1 & 2)
Top 2: ‘Agent Kallus’ acrylic token
Champion: A Bye at a Regional event, and a Champion Plaque!

All Players (up to 32): Alternate-Art Rey card (Star Wars 40th Anniversary Bonus)

Additionally we will be adding $10 per player to the prize pool for door prizes